About Us

Our Staff

Photos by Nancy Rothstein


Executive Director


Employment and Graduate Services Manager


Recruitment and Program Manager


Production Director


Chef Instructor


Development Director


Production Team

James Martini_BreadProject

James Martini


Production Team


Joe Teeters

Our Board

Patricia Kampmann, Board President

Lisa Caronna, Board Secretary

Pamela Calloway, Executive Director

Jane R. Kaplan, Board Member

Jane Micallef, Board Treasurer

Scott Miller, Board Member

Michael Peck, Board Member

Amy Tarrant, Former Interim Executive Director, Board Member

Our Advisors

Clayton Chan, COO, San Francisco Soup Company

Michael Cole, Associate General Counsel, Labor & Employment, Facebook

Tom Frainier, CEO / Co-owner, Semifreddi’s Bakery

Lynn Luckow, Founder / CEO, LikeMinded.org

Marsha McBride, Chef / Owner, Cafe Rouge Restaurant & Butcher Shop

Jill Portman, Founder / CEO, Shake it up Brands!

Brian Wu, Head of Engineering, Komodo Health

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